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kitchen installation

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Are you Ready To Get Your Kitchen Transformed?

white shaker cabinets with backsplash

Kitchen remodeling can easily get out of control.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

See what happens when experience and creativity merge in service to your kitchen remodeling vision and budget.

A 2020 remodeling report indicates a mid-range kitchen renovation, in the Raleigh market specifically, was on average $61,374! 

Would you like to spend less? How about a lot less?

Carolina Installation Services has the right products, processes, and people to help transform outdated kitchens, even on a budget!  

For simplicity’s sake, we brake kitchen remodeling  into a few helpful categories:

1 – The Major Remodel, which may include moving walls and mechanical components. The 60K + remodel is of course the Full Monty, but it is just the lower end of this budget region, in fact, full-scale, upper-end kitchen renovations often push into the six-figure range, with the reported average being $125,763 in 2019. This category accounts for less than 0% of our installs.

2 – The Minor Remodel, which limits the number of changes to the existing layout, if done right, can help maximize your budget. The minor remodel limits the amount of demolition and layout modifications to the existing layout, which helps reduce cost. Some modifications and enhancements will better serve the family and space, but they are limited in number and scale. This category accounts for about 40% of our installs.

3 – The Replacement Remodel, which matches the existing kitchen in shape and form but transforms the kitchen elements. The update approach basically leaves the footprint of the kitchen as is and updates the finished products. Most often, the replacement remodel does not address the entire room but instead focuses on the main features such as cabinets, countertops, backsplash, and fixtures. This category accounts for about 40% of our installs.

4 – The Update Remodel, which leaves the cabinets in place and may include some cosmetic modifications, primarily updates the countertop and backsplash, plumbing, and flooring. This approach raises equity while also suppresses overspend. This category accounts for about 20% of our installs.



The “Right Range” Estimate

Our quick and easy process will get you the information you need to help get the kitchen you want at a price you can afford!



What We Can Do For You

We’re here to help. Some want a total turnkey experience. Others enjoy the shopping, strategizing, scheduling and coordinating. Some want a comfortable blend of participation but not full ownership of all the details; CIS has developed systems to help no matter what the approach. Whatever your preference, CIS is here for you.

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